My review of the new smart glasses by Amazon

Image photographed by Joshua Burleson

When Amazon introduced their Echo Frames in September of 2019, I was hesitant about purchasing them. After seeing the failure of Google Glass, as well as the Snapchat Spectacles, the whole idea seemed like another smart glasses gimmick that was doomed to fail. I did use Alexa for reminders and to keep track of many things at home, but would I really want her in my head all day long? Not likely. However, my opinion quickly changed in July 2020, when my invitation for Day One editions was accepted and a pair arrived for me to test.

There was much…

A brief look into why historians are changing their opinion on the infamous emperor

Image via Wikimedia Commons

“…Nothing beside remains. Round the decay of that Colossal Wreck, boundless and bare…” — Percy Shelley (From Ozymandias)

This article began as a glimpse into the mystery surrounding the fate of Colossus Neronis, more commonly known as the Colossus of Nero. However, while researching the statue, I wanted to add a brief history of the vain, evil tyrant who cared more about extravagance and debauchery than the well-being of his own people. But the more I investigated Nero’s descent into depravity, the less evidence I found supporting the claims and legends. In fact, all contemporaneous testimony during Nero’s reign has…

Do not be a doormat just to make others happy

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

“Be a team player!”, “It’s important that we all show support!”, “You wear pink a lot, stop being stubborn.”

These were the phrases I heard from colleagues as they stood over my desk and attempted to bully me into wearing a pink shirt for a breast cancer awareness day they wanted to have, after I had already declined. I wasn’t in the mood to wear something colorful, and I didn’t want to be reminded or even hear the word cancer at work because that is all I hear about at…

A beginner’s guide to obtaining positive physical and mental health

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” —Hippocrates

During these uncertain and stressful times, eating healthy is most likely not a priority for most people. With job uncertainty, schools still being closed despite the new semester beginning, and economic turmoil being the primary focus of every major news network, what you choose to eat is probably the last thing on your mind. But it is exactly because of these reasons that the Mediterranean diet is more important than ever.

Stress causes strain on your body that can…

A look into how the Rijksmuseum is conducting its largest research and conservation project ever

Image via Wikimedia Commons

In 2018, Rijksmuseum General Director, Taco Dibbits, announced that the museum would partner with global paint and color experts AkzoNobel, to begin restoring, in full public view, one of the most famous paintings in the world, The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn. While open-conservation isn’t a new process, the Rijksmuseum also decided to live-stream the restoration process, giving art lovers from all over the world the chance to have an in-depth view and learn more than ever before about this 378 year old masterpiece.

Outdated practices are forcing Millennials to find alternative banking solutions

Image via: Wikimedia Commons

Millennials are currently the largest generation employed in the United States. However, they only currently own about 3% of the total U.S. wealth, compared to boomers who own 60%. In fact, older millennials (those born in the 1980's) entered the workforce during the 2008 recession which caused them to experience a higher cost of living as well as stagnate wages. …

A Guide to Help You Navigate Through Disinformation

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Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be an article on politicians, Russian bots, or a partisan view on news networks owned by those who aim to sway voters, the reason being that disinformation is prevalent regardless of political affiliation. I wanted to provide some helpful steps you can take to protect yourself from disinformation because from what I have seen from my own colleagues, friends, family, and just the comments section from stories shared on social media (which led me to delete all my social media except for Instagram, which I only use to post my art and get house…

(Image Via: Wikimedia Commons)

“Don’t forget, we are all family,” is a phrase I have heard by numerous supervisors, directors, and CEO’s throughout my career. After all, we do spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with one another, so it’s only natural that we become close, like a family, right? …

Speaking as a person born and raised in west Texas, even I don’t understand why the South takes so much pride in the dozens of “Robert E. Lee” schools and numerous statues and monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers. To claim it’s about heritage and not hate is the most ignorant — and most frequent, in my experience — response and makes no sense whatsoever, unless your heritage IS hate.

These men did not fight for honor, but instead fought for the right to own people and treat them as nothing more than property. They drew a line in the sand…

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